68th Precinct Youth Council Farm Division Baseball Rules


***Absolutely No arguing with the Umpire. The Umpire's decision is final and NO protests are permitted. In the event that a call is made which is otherwise stated below please see the Director of Farm, Big Anthony at the concession stand. ***


  1. Wood Bats Only
  2. Two (2) visits to mound in one (1) inning or three times in the game for the same pitcher otherwise, pitcher must be changed.
  3. Pitcher may only pitch three innings, one pitch constitutes an inning. If a pitcher hits two (2) batters in one inning or three (3) batters in a stint, pitcher must be changed. Once a pitcher is removed for any reason he may not pitch again in that game.
  4. Stealing…..
    1. Will be permitted when the pitched ball passes the batter at home plate. Runners may advance on a wild pitch or passed ball.
    2. No Runner advancing on the throw from the Catcher back to the Pitcher.
    3. Only the pitcher can call time out when having possession of the baseball.
    4. If there's an errant throw by the catcher to any base the ball is live and the runners may advance.


  5. No Leads!! If player leaves the base before ball is hit he will lose the extra base. If a player leads without ball being hit he will be sent back with a warning and on the second infraction by the same team the runner will be called out.
  6. A runner off of a base hit directly with a batted ball in fair play shall be called out. This includes a batter who is hit with or runs into a batted ball that has been called fair. A runner interfering with a fielder on batted ball in fair play shall be called out. Runners may tag up and advance at their own risk on batted balls caught in the air by an outfielder.
  7. Each team is allowed four (4) free passes per inning (walk or hit by pitch). After two (2) free passes in a row the next batter may NOT walk. If he is hit by a pitch he gets the base.
  8. No Re-Entry of any pitcher taken out of game.
  9. MUST slide rule on plays at home in addition, batter will be called out if he/she slides into First Base or slides head first into any base.
  10. Time Limit: No Inning starts after two (2) hours and game is over after two (2) hours & ten (10) minutes - 2:10:00 except when it is the last game of the day or weekday game where the entire inning must be completed.


***Managers/Coaches - Please use discretion when scoring runs, not running the score up so that the game is out of reach. Remember that we are here to teach the children how to play the game, sportsmanship, and to have fun.




  1. Players' must reach the age of five or six before the end of the current year for T-Ball and the age of six or seven before the end of the current year for Colt.
  2. Players on a team - 12 minimum / 15 maximum for T-Ball; 12 minimum / 14 maximum for Colt.
  3. 50 feet between the bases.
  4. A real or imaginary playing line is between first base and third base or an arc 40 feet from home plate.
  5. Every player bats and plays in the field.
  6. The ball is hit off a batting tee for T-Ball; Coach-pitch for Colt. Coach-pitch is where a coach (adult or mature teen-ager) throws the ball to the batter. Overhand pitches can be thrown from one knee on the ground to put the pitcher at the same level as the batter.
  7. There are no walks or strikeouts.
  8. The ball must travel 10 feet or it is a foul.
  9. No fielder may cross the playing line until the ball is hit.
  10. No stealing. Player stays on the base until the ball is hit.
  11. Standard game is four innings (minimum 2, no more than 4) but time dictates as the schedule allows for 1 hour game play for T-Ball and 1 hour 15 minutes for Colt.
  12. The schedule allows for a 15 minute mandatory warm-up before the game.
  13. A T-Ball inning is a "bat around" where an inning is over after every player has batted one time. A Colt inning is over once five runs are scored or 3 outs are made; whichever comes first.
  14. Scores are not kept for T-Ball they are only kept for Colt. The score determines the winning / losing teams.
  15. Safety helmets must be worn.
  16. Wood Bats Only - 25"/26" long. 2¼" diameter, max. 
  17. Ball - 9" to 9½" around; 4 to 5 ounces. Softer than a standard baseball. Molded core or sponge rubber center.
  18. Gloves - 12" long, max.
  19. Tee - adjustable, flexible tube on a moveable base.
  20. Athletic footwear or Sneakers.


Note for the Coaches:
After rain please try to get to the field early to help in making the field game ready. It is the T-Ball and Colt divisions coaches that are responsible for making sure lines are made on the field, especially the batter's box. The better prepared we are the better game play for our children.

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